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Leeds JS - Talking About Ghost Blog

Level - Beginner. Read Time ~ <5 minutes.


Head to the bottom of the post to watch the YouTube video.

My Second Public Speaking Gig

Earlier this year I spoke for the first time at an external event. It was my local PHP meetup in Leeds. You can find a post I wrote about it here Leeds PHP Talk. I felt very nervous before doing this talk but afterwards I felt a great sense of achievement and very much wanted to do another. So that takes us to the talk I did yesterday evening.


The theme of my talk was about blogging and the main theme pertained Ghost blog. It feels very meta writing about and talking about Ghost whilst using Ghost. I had some very positive feedback afterwards and I feel like I sold Ghost and showed it in a good light. I also talked about my custom setup of how I am running Ghost blog. I aim to follow this article up with a technical article explaining my exact setup. I will also share my repo on public GitHub as it's currently resides on a private Gitlab repo.

Without further ado you can watch the presentation below. Fast forward to about 4 minutes 48 seconds in.