Who am I?

A Yorkshire man with a bit of web development experience. After graduating from University, I spent 18 months working on PHP, MySQL, SQL Server and dabbling with Javascript. After this episode I took up employment doing C#/.NET. Spent almost 8 years doing WCF, ASP.NET Web API/MVC/Web Forms. Also, wrote Windows Services and console applications. Plenty of database work too using SSIS and SQL Server. Javascript was mainly jQuery and dabbled with React and Typescript. Experimented with Node JS, Redis, MongoDB as well.

More recently I've completely changed track and detached myself from Windows and .NET and everything I've ever used. So, I find myself now working on a Macbook developing Node JS and Java and deploying to Linux based AWS machines. Working with MySQL and PostgreSQL for the data layer. Lots and lots of AWS and Docker too.

I'm very much enjoying the shift in ecosystems and hopefully I'll be able to share bits and pieces which I think other developers may find useful or helpful. I've tried to get a blog off the ground for a while but not applied my energy in the right direction.

Time to stop and rambling and start blogging. Look forward to hearing from like minded individuals!